Developing Women Entrepreneurship in STEM and Health

Our Vision

Equal representation of women as patent inventors, startup founders, as board members, and as CEOs.

From Lab 2 Fulfillment (FL2F) is a purpose-driven workshop that teaches women in science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM), and Health how to transform their research & discoveries into products and companies.

From Lab 2 Fulfillment was created by Dr. Yadid-Pecht to guide women in STEM and Health towards commercialization. Small interactive sessions alongside one-on-one coaching cultivate a supportive space to ideate and pivot research into businesses. The process that Dr. Yadid-Pecht has designed helps women in STEM and Health make their scientific innovations more impactful by showing them how to overcome hurdles, find supporters, and build their strategic plans and alliances.

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Delivery That Works for You

Three Weeks

Frequent Meetings

Intensive Format

6 Group Sessions

2 one-on-one meetings

Eight Weeks

Weekly Meetings

6 Group Sessions

2 one-on-one meetings

FL2F has been successfully delivered around the globe at Universities including:

Planned for 2022

Topics Covered in the Workshop

Entrepreneurial Realities

Resilience & Paths to Success

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Creative Problem Solving

Market & Customer Development

Implicit Bias

Running A Lean Start-up

Pitching Your Idea & Getting It Funded

How to Deal With Setbacks & Conflicts

Competitive Advantage

Tangible Results

FL2F aims to bridge the gap between discovery and commercialization so female researchers can develop their IP portfolios, nurture potential spin-off companies, and ultimately drive positive social and economic impact.


of participants felt they were more aware of implicit bias and more adaptive after the workshop


of participants felt significant increase in their IP knowledge


of all FL2F participants saw an increase in at least two categories of teachings