Women in STEM/ Health creating more  impact and fulfilment - we  make it happen !

What is FL2F?

From Lab 2 Fulfillment (FL2F) is a purpose-driven program that teaches women in science, engineering, technology, math (STEM), and Health how to transform your ideas into products and companies - see below our recent participants who created companies valued over $2M each!

Learn in small interactive sessions alongside one-on-one coaching to ideate and pivot your idea into a business. You will learn how to be aware of biases, become more resilient, overcome hurdles, and build your own strategic plan and alliances 

Take a closer look at what we do

We thrive on cultivating the skills women need to start their own businesses. Check out some of what our past participants have created!

Dr. Elena Di Martino is the co-founder and CSO of ViTAA Medical Solutions, a company that focuses on precision medicine in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms.

“For me, the most important thing is to reflect on my role...I've been actively writing patents and getting my creative juices flowing…I had a patent, of course, to start with, but now we wrote another four...That to me has been the most rewarding part of it...The most important thing for me was to understand what I wanted to do.”

Dr. Elena Di Martino, Civil Engineering, Co-Founder and CSO of ViTAA Medical Solutions

Dr. Laura Curiel is the Vice President Strategic Development for NovusTx Device, a company founded in 2020. NovusTx Device is working towards developing ultrasound systems for treating neurological psychiatric disorders.

"I came to the FL2F workshop expecting to get some information about entrepreneurship and maybe some tips on where to get started, and what I got was so much more! I acquired skills, built confidence, and learned so much. The workshop not only helped me get started, but it also provided me with tangible tools and a roadmap that I know how to use to get my venture started. It is the most valuable professional development experience I have had in a long time."

Dr. Laura Curiel, Engineering, University of Calgary 

Ligero was founded with Dr. Carmit Hazay providing secure multiparty computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). Up to now, the company has raised over a million dollars in seed funding. 

"The workshop has been professionally delivered while exposing the participants to a variety of interesting tools, which I believe are also useful in daily research. Fulfillment is not just about opening a new start-up, and in that sense, the workshop is an important channel for transferring knowledge regarding handling different functions outside academia.

Dr. Carmit Hazay, Cryptography, Bar-Ilan University

Within 3 Weeks You Will Learn

Implicit Bias

Running A Lean Start-up

Pitching Your Idea & Getting It Funded

How to Deal With Setbacks & Conflicts 

Competitive Advantage

Entrepreneurial Realities

Resilience & Paths to Success

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Creative Problem Solving

Market & Customer Development

Do you want to take the lead and be in charge of your success and contribution? 

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