Success Stories

One of the goals of the workshop is to give participants the skills needed to start their own businesses.

Recent success stories include:

Waveview Imaging was founded with Dr. Elise fear to provide provide monitoring for breast cancer treatments. They started operation in 2020.

"The opportunity to better understand entrepreneurship and become familiar with key tools was extremely valuable. Orly presented the processes involved in entrepreneurship and the tools that she has found useful in a logical and concise way. The framework that she discussed changed my thinking about how to approach new ventures, especially customer development strategies and the idea of a minimum viable product. The framework is also very useful for developing grant proposals and negotiating new research and development partnerships with industry. I also appreciated the fact that the workshop acknowledged our multiple roles and allowed us to identify the strengths that are associated with these experiences".

Dr. Elise Fear, Biomedical Engineering, University of Calgary

Ligero was founded with Dr. Carmit Hazay providing secure multiparty computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). They started operation in 2018 raising over a million dollars in seed funding.

"The workshop has been professionally delivered while exposing the participants to a variety of interesting tools, which I believe are also useful in daily research. Fulfillment is not just about opening a new start-up, and in that sense, the workshop is an important channel for transferring knowledge regarding handling different functions outside the academia."

Dr. Carmit Hazay, Cryptography, Bar-Ilan University

Dr. Orit Shefi started re:pair, a biomed company for neuronal tissue growing.

"I wholeheartedly recommend the FL2F workshop. It was a one-of-a-kind experience from which I left feeling empowered. The workshop consists of a mix of group sessions led by Orly, guest speakers, and one-on-one sessions, with the goal of helping each researcher bring their own idea to market."

Dr. Orit Shefi, Nanotechnology, Bar-Ilan University

hnu materials was incorporated in 2017 offering novel nanomaterials for environmental cleaning solutions. Dr. Belinda Heyne founded hnu materials.

"The workshop helped me realize the full potential of my innovation. It taught me valuable tips that are applicable for commercialization and also my everyday life. I wanted to thank you very much [Orly] for the workshop."

Dr. Belinda Heyne, Biochemistry, University of Calgary